Sunday, January 13, 2013

#4: Babies are Miracles.

This week my world was busy and wonderful. I love life and I feel so blessed! On Tuesday night I went to a baby shower. I have to “gear up” for baby showers as it is sometimes hard to be the only woman in the room who doesn’t have any pregnancy stories and to some degree just feels like the “odd ball”.  I just kind of nod when they talk about puke, poop, developmental mile stone’s etc... But I decided this week I was not going to be sad or feel down.  Do I still feel a little odd? Well... yes.  But instead of feeling sad I just tried to think of all of my blessings and think about the day that we will hopefully get to adopt and bring home our sweet baby. 

Thursday night we got the opportunity to go to a birth parent panel. I have so much admiration for birth moms and dads. There was a sweet peaceful feeling. I left the meeting feeling peace and knowing the our Heavenly Father is in charge and that He will put the right baby with the right parents. Sometimes I worry so much if we will have the opportunity to adopt and if a birth mom will choose us. Then I have little reminders like that night to help me remember who is truly in charge and that our baby will come in the Lord’s time.  The more I learn about open adoption the more peace I feel. I love adoption and I think it is such an incredible gift for all involved. I sat in our little nursery tonight that awaits a phone call that a new baby will grace that room. I wrote in the journal of our future baby about what has happened lately. I can’t wait till I sit in that same rocker and snuggle our cute baby!  

Tonight we went to the hospital to visit with our dear friends, Jeff and Jenni, as they welcomed their third baby. What a gift and miracle each baby is! We can’t wait for our miracle. Our life is blessed and I am happy. Here are some of the other things we have been up to (with captions from Steve).

We spent New Year's Eve with Jeff and Jenni and actually managed to stay up until Midnight this year (last year we made it until 9:30).
Jenni had her baby tonight.We are so excited for them!

 Jeff and I are both nerdy accountants.
We love to play games and compete against each other.
He usually beats me at "Mario Kart", but I've got the high score in "Temple Run".
In this picture, I think he was trying to intimidate me into making a bad move.

 Diesel acts like a huge Utah Jazz fan. But truthfully, I think he just likes the food commercials.

Speaking of food, Diane made some of her Cousin Kay's awesome granola this week.
Trust me, it'll keep you regular. :)

We did some last minute smoke alarm changes prior to our adoption home study.
I'm not an electrician, but I could probably play one on TV.

 We have had a fun time putting our adoption pass-along cards in random places.
Here we are on a recipe board at a local grocery store.
Our card manages to stand out, don't you think?

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  1. Good card placement. Looks like there was NO tampering there at all. :)