Sunday, January 27, 2013

#5: Temple Run, Stake Dance, George Strait, Lettuce Wraps.

Did you notice that the title of this post ALMOST rhymes? (I know, I'm very clever). Diane and I have had a great couple of weeks. Here's what's been going on in our neck of the woods (thanks, Al Roker).
We went down to the U and got some ice cream from Diane's sister 
Marge's favorite ice cream place: Hatch Family Chocolates, 
which is run by a family of little people and used to have its own TLC show.

Lime waffle cone.

Our garage door caved in after many years of valiant service. 
Rest in peace, old friend. Rest in peace.

 I have a slight addiction to the iPhone game "Temple Run 2". After getting my high score, 
I finally had to delete it because I wanted to play rather than go to work in the morning.

Last weekend we chaperoned the Youth Multi-Stake dance. 
Diane isn't much of a fan of my dancing, but at least I make her laugh.

 These boys were obviously trying to beat my Temple Run high score. 
Apparently that is safer than asking a girl to dance.

 Diane had a wicked cold this week. I caught her post-sneeze.

 Diane and her friend Melinda at the George Strait concert.

George Strait is Diane's "celebrity crush". She has a thing for dreamy old cowboys.

For Young Women's this week, the girls came over to our house to make lettuce wraps.
Or as I like to call them, let us raps.

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