Diane's Family

I come from a large family with seven kids. I am the second to youngest. I LOVE spending time with them! Because we live different places we usually FaceTime, Skype and talk on the phone a lot. We keep in touch and cherish the time when we do get to spend time together!

These are my funny and adorable parents! They have a cute dog named Harry Potter. They live in Idaho and we love to go visit them as often as we can. My mom is an AMAZING cook and my dad enjoys outdoor activities, taking care of the yard, and watching college football. His favorite team is the Florida Gators, as that is his old stomping ground. My parents love to travel, and they recently got back from a trip to the East Coast, eating all the lobster they could along the way  My parents met in Vietnam and have lived all over the world during my dad's career in the military. They served a mission in Alaska and currently serve in the temple each week.

This is me and my mom in the kitchen together. I love cooking with my mom!

My oldest sister, Alyce, is married to Justin. They have seven kids and live in Idaho. They enjoy the outdoors and Justin loves to hunt. He is a school teacher and Alyce is a stay-at-home mom and photographer.

My brother Ben and his wife Sarah live in Colorado. He is a dentist and she is a stay-at-home mom with their four kids. They love to ride bikes, go hiking, and travel.

My brother Andrew and his wife live in Texas with their two kids. They love "do-it-yourself" home projects and decorating. They love to go on local outings with their kids. Andrew is a medical sales rep and Liz is a nurse and stay-at-home mom.

My sister Marjorie and her husband Jed live in Nevada. He is a corrections officer and she is a stay-at-home mom with their two kids. Marge is currently pregnant with their third child. Marge and Jed love to come to Utah and Idaho to visit family and love going to southern California to Disneyland.

My sister Libbie and her husband Jon live in Virginia. She works for an advertising agency and Jon is a nurse. They are hard working and travel enthusiasts! They have been many places including Italy and Australia.

My youngest sister Roseann and her husband Ryan just got married last year. They are adorable. Although much of my family loves the outdoors, no one loves it as much as Ryan. Most vacations they spend camping. He is an engineer and Roseann is finishing her degree in history.

Other Random pictures of my family....

 Roseann, Ben, Alyce and Justin goofing off.

Andrew and Liz kayaking.

We were all together for Christmas two years ago and we had a bunch of Nerf guns. We had some epic "Nerf Wars" with them. This is my cute little mom with a Nerf machine gun.

My mom and dad with Ben and Sarah in Hawaii. My mom is wearing her "I Love Chocolate" shirt.

Granddaddy holding Ben and Sarah's youngest little girl.

All of the girls went to get pedicures before Roseann got married.  I love being with my sisters!

My great aunt died and we had the opportunity to go back to North Carolina for the funeral.  This is a picture of all the siblings on an old friend's back porch.  Even though it was a sad occasion, it was a cherished time spent with all my siblings.   

This is my family when we were little.  I am in my mom's arms. 

On a family vacation when we found a bank of porta-potties.  We couldn't resist the funny photo op.  

My mom and I with Andrew and Liz's little girl at the airport.  They flew home for Christmas and we got to go pick them up!  

All of my sisters!

We met up with Ben and Sarah, and Andrew and Liz in Colorado.  This was at the little Fourth of July parade in their town.  

Getting ready to go paragliding with Ben, Andrew and Liz. It was amazing!

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