Monday, July 22, 2013

#13: Bear Lake, Cornhole, and Lindsey Stirling.

July is totally my favorite month of the year--fireworks are awesome, birthday presents are awesomer, Diane being out of school is awesomest, and going on vacation to Bear Lake is awesomestest. Even though I am now a year older, I'm also a year wiser--for example, yesterday I learned the importance of using the treadmill safety strap. At exactly 2.2 miles, I closed my eyes for a second to relish in the satisfaction of running faster than I ever had in my life as Taylor Swift sang "I Knew You Were Trouble" in the background. Well, trouble is exactly what I got. I tripped, fell on my stomach, and scraped up my whole right side as the treadmill kept on whirring by at 6.5 miles an hour. Taylor's lyrics "now I'm lying on the cold hard ground" were both ironic and cruel at the same time. Oh well, I now have a cool burn mark that looks exactly like the South American continent on my right hip. Que bueno!

Diane made me promise not to put a picture of my treadmill burns, so just imagine a pasty white guy with a nice streak of red up his side, and you will be spared from forever having a picture of me without my shirt on burned into your brain. Instead, here are muchas otras fotos from July for your enjoyment.

Pre-Bear Lake shopping cart. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

As a kid, we came to Bear Lake every year until I went on my mission. I love it here, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Bear Lake is also very special for Diane, as she spent her teenage years growing up on the Idaho side of the lake. I tease her that if I had only known she was on the other side of the lake, I would have asked her to marry me when I was 16.

For the first two days at Bear Lake, my best friends Paul and Bryan came up with their wives Heidi and Nikki. We played "couple's horse" at the basketball courts. Diane and I put up quite a fight, but we just couldn't overcome Paul and Heidi's combined 12.5 feet of height.

Speaking of feet, our beach spot was at least four feet long. Haha!

Two grandmaster chess players in an intense battle.
I usually can't beat Paul, but this time I at least got him to stalemate.

Okay, I lied earlier about promising to never show you a picture of me without my shirt on. I just couldn't pass up a genie towel picture. We are so GQ.

Diane's parents, her sister Rose, and Rose's husband Ryan came up to visit after Paul and Bryan went home. The matching "Angry Birds" shirts are a clear sign that we were meant to be a family.

Ryan and Rose were king and queen of the paddle boards. We also rented a motor boat with a tube hooked on the back. Gotta love the wind in your hair!

We played four games of mini golf up at Bear Lake. None of us could even come close to Diane's dad's score of 48. Pretty impressive for anybody--not just for an old guy.

Two patriotic Dianes hanging out at the beach. I love them both!

There is nothing like a small town patriotic program to ring in the 4th of July. 
Proud to be an American!

Saluting the veterans during the parade in Paris, Idaho.
As a teenager, Diane grew up going to this parade every year.

Family picture as we watched the parade.

For our last two days at Bear Lake, one of my other best friends, Jeff, came up with his wife Jenni and their three kids. I love hanging out with their three-year old son. He was obsessed with his toy "minion" from Despicable Me. The first question we heard each morning (and frequently throughout the day) was, "Where's my minion?!" 

We pretty much shared a raspberry shake every night we were there. Gotta live it up while you can.

Overlooking the beautiful Bear Lake Valley on our way back home. 
We can't wait to bring our kids here someday.

When we got home, we babysat Atticus, my sister Emily's dog. It took Diesel a little while to get used to being the little guy around the house, but they actually got along very well. Here Atticus is doing his "rug impression".

Diane can't help it--she is a huge Kate Middleton fan. She couldn't resist reading about the soon to be born royal baby, but she was too cheap to buy the magazine at Wal-Mart, so she just sat on the bench by the restrooms until she finished the article.

Our neighbor Tom has hosted the annual "Ween-o-rama" (a celebration of all things hot dog) for the past 15 years. Here is the winner of the hot dog eating contest celebrating his impressive 10 dog victory.

Weenies in love.

It seems that every post I do inevitably includes a picture of us playing Jenga. Ariel had nerves of steel!

Our adorable niece and nephew celebrating "Chick-fil-a Day". 
Aren't they two of the cutest little cows in the world?

One of my favorite birthday presents was the Ohioan yard game "Cornhole". It is a total blast! My mom and niece were fierce competitors.

Of course, Diane wouldn't go down without a fight. 3 in the hole!

Diane ran a ladies-only 5K last Saturday.
Diesel gave her a congratulatory hug for finishing the race.

Diane is first counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. She loves all the leaders she gets to work with. She went to girl's camp this week and they had a ton of fun rafting and doing various activities.

Chilling with the girls playing games. Looks like trouble to me!

Diane and our friend Hailey doing some late night shopping for passes to Utah's greatest waterpark, Seven Peaks. I promise there will be no more pictures of me without my shirt on at the waterpark. :)

Homemade birthday sign from Hailey. Can't you just feel the love?

On Saturday night we went to the amazing Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day Concert with guest stars Lindsey Stirling and Nathan Pacheco. Before the concert, we walked around the new City Creek Center mall. Diane found a boyfriend, but he didn't have much personality, so I knew it wouldn't last.

Picture perfect at the Conference Center after the show with our good friends Dan and Cassi. 
It was a great night!