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Ours is the story of a boy from the suburbs of Utah and a country girl from Idaho. We met in our University Single's Ward. Diane had moved down to Utah for her first teaching position and Steve was working on his Master's degree in Accounting at the University of Utah. We were married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple in 2007.

Marriage is a blast and we love each other more and more each day (cheesy, but true!). We always try to keep our marriage based on kindness and honest communication. We have chosen to let our challenges bring us closer together, rather than farther apart. Are we perfect? No! However, we have similar goals and one of them is to always have a strong marriage, meaning that we try to serve and put each other first.

Dang, we look young.

About Diane:

I am the second youngest of seven kids--five girls and two boys. I grew up in North Carolina through middle school and then my family moved to Idaho where I went to high school. I am a middle school Family and Consumer science teacher (a.k.a Home Ec.). I have taught for eight years, and I love seeing the kids grow and learn. I would describe myself as a nurturing person. I love helping other people and try to look out for those around me who are struggling. I am a hard worker and very determined.  When I put my mind to something I see it through to the end. College was one of those things for me. I paid for all my own education and worked the whole time so that I didn't have to take out many student loans.  

Family is the most important thing in the world to me! I cherish the time we get to spend with our families.  Because my family is large and lives all over the country, we FaceTime, Skype, and call each other a lot. The little cousins even know how to use FaceTime to talk to each other. I am very blessed to have a close relationship with all of my siblings. I consider them to be some of my very best friends. I love to call my parents and bounce ideas off of them. They are always there to listen and give me good advice. I feel very blessed to have such a good relationship with them.

My greatest goals and dreams are to be a good wife and mother.  I enjoy decorating and cooking. I like to have a home filled with yummy food, good music, and pretty decorations. I am honestly a very simple person. I like to work hard and play hard. I am a big tease and love to play practical jokes on my family.

I feel so lucky to have found Steve! He is my “dream boat”. He is hard working, spiritual, smart, talented, and he knows what truly matters in life. He always keeps a good perspective on things. He continually tries to do what the Savior would have him do. He keeps me laughing all the time. You can’t get mad at Steve, because he is too funny! I remember when we were dating and I called my parents to tell them about him and I was telling them that he was smart and dedicated and all those good things and my dad stopped me and said “Diane, does he make you laugh?” I said, “Yes!” Laughter is so important in our marriage. He keeps me laughing when things are hard. Steve is always positive and upbeat. He has had a lot of pressures early in his career with long work hours and many demands from bosses. He always tries to keep a balance with our family life.  He has been so sweet, tender and thoughtful as we have been through the challenge of infertility. He is always there to listen to me even with the trivial things. My favorite time of the day is lying down at the end of the night and talking about our day. He is a wonderful listener. Steve is a thankful person and is always expressing gratitude for all we have been blessed with and trying to help others. I love him so much and can’t say enough good things about him!

About Steve:

I am the second oldest of four kids.  I was raised in the Salt Lake Valley.  I had a wonderful childhood with lots of friends and extended family nearby.  I was an outgoing kid and did well in school.  I have always had a love for learning.  I graduated from the University of Utah with my both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Accounting.  I now work for a software company as the Director of Finance. I love my job and the fact that it provides a comfortable lifestyle and time with my family.

My greatest hope is to be a good husband, dad, and friend, so that at the end of my life I can look back and say that I gave it my best effort and loved others with all of my heart. Nothing matters more to me than that, and I try to keep it in the back of my mind each day.

In the short-term, I also have goals such as progressing in my career and maintaining financial independence, staying in good physical shape, and becoming a more Christlike person. One of my life-long dreams has been to write and publish children’s books, which I hope to accomplish soon.

Diane is the most pleasant person I have ever met (plus, she's dang good looking!). She is sweet, loving, and kind. I marvel at her ability to get along with others. She is always serving others and is a truly Christlike example. Diane is also very patient. Trying unsuccessfully to have children for the last four years has been difficult, but Diane continues to trust in the Lord and know that He is in charge. She rarely complains. Diane never gets angry. She is very forgiving and has such a gentle heart. I am the luckiest man in the world, and I count my marriage to Diane as my greatest blessing. She really is my best friend.

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