Sunday, December 30, 2012

#3: Christmas Eve with Diane and Steve.

Happy almost New Year! We had a wonderful Christmas week with family and friends. Steve got me a ticket to the upcoming George Strait concert (he's my favorite dreamy old cowboy), and I got Steve some guitar lessons. Hopefully he can learn to serenade me to some George Strait songs. :) 

Even though we missed being with my family this year, we enjoyed the downtime at home. One of my favorite things was sitting by the Christmas tree and staying in my jammies for the whole day after Christmas! 

Christmas Eve lunch at our favorite local restaurant -- Cafe Rio.

We went to Costco for some flu shots. Remember to exercise that arm!

Steve helped peel the fruit for my favorite family Christmas treat -- "fruit ambrosia".

Christmas Eve dinner at Steve's cousins house. 
We had his Aunt Karen's famous homemade spaghtetti.

After dinner we had a snowball fight in puffy white coats.
I love teasing Matt! He is so tall!

 Our dog Diesel likes to watch Christmas movies while sitting on my lap.

Facetime with my mom and dad. 
Merry Christmas to two of my favorite people!

Steve and Matt shoveling snow at his grandma's house. 
She only had one shovel, so Steve improvised and used a broom.

Visiting at Steve's grandma's house with his cousin Elyse and her cute new baby.

Family photo with Steve's grandma, Matt, and Steve's parents.
Grandma's favorite color is purple, in case you couldn't tell. :)

 One of our favorite holiday traditions is a white elephant party with Steve's longtime 
family friends, the Weirs, on Christmas night. I got a pair of wool socks.

Tonight we played "Ticket to Ride" with our wonderful friends.
They are adopting a new baby in April. We look forward to our kids being friends someday. 

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