Sunday, June 30, 2013

#12: Summer Smorgasbord

Smor·gas·bord (n.): 
1. A buffet meal featuring a number of unique dishes.
2. A varied collection of photos from the life of Steve and Diane. Summer is in full swing at our house, and we are loving every minute of it. Enjoy!

Diane's parents came down for Father's Day weekend. We did tons of fun local activities. Unfortunately, we  also took them to see the giant shark at Thanksgiving Point. We'll sure miss them, but at least the shark isn't hungry anymore.

Feeding the ducks. Quack.

Too cute not to post (the kid, not the cow).

Bedtime stories. Will Aladdin get the lamp? Find out next time!

Eating ice cream hammock style.

We went to Scheel's superstore. We rode the ferris wheel, played games, and bought a bean bag toss. We also posed with President Abe. "Yo, little girl. I ain't Santa. Get off my lap."

Teaching my niece how to golf. I have great form. :)

Sidewalk chalk festival downtown. Good thing it didn't rain.

Father's Day breakfast on the patio. Mmmm, bacon!

"Meditating" during church.

"Meditating" on the way to scout camp.

Diane drove up to scout camp with us so she could go visit her best friend who lived close by. She got her first taste of camp at the outhouse--we're not sure why she left so quickly afterwards.

Even though I would rather camp in a condo than a tent, I loved spending time with the scouts. We get along great (probably because I'm just a big kid at heart!). 

Stopped by the Pepperidge Farm outlet store on the way home. Who knew that you could buy a five-pound box of goldfish for two bucks?

Diane has decided to go back to school.

We took care of our friend's lizard while she was on her honeymoon. Diane loves to serve, but HATES to serve lizards.

Sunday night porch chats with our awesome neighbors.

Clipped grandma's toenails? Check. Cleaned her kitchen? Check. Picked up her prescription? Check. Accepted her offer for free lunch? Double check!

Diane got a last minute call to go up to Youth Conference. She loved it and learned a lot. Here she is sewing her costume.

Last night we went to our favorite annual summer celebration, "Taylorsville Days". We think the fireworks are the best in all of Utah. Diane enjoyed playing "Tickle Monster Shark" with our friends' little boy.

Eagerly waiting with my sisters for the show to begin!

I took at least 10 pictures of the fireworks, hoping to get a good one. But they all stunk. So, I decided to put a picture of the London Olympic fireworks instead, because that's TOTALLY what it felt like. 


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  1. This is Diane s old roomie, Amy, we met once, anyways so happy I found your blog. Diane seeing this photos of you brings back so many great memories from our rexburg days. Holy cow I miss you so much. Just seeing your smile and face I can hear you talking to me. I know you have always wanted to be a mother and I hope you are able to have many little ones come your way! You are such an incredible women! I learned so much from you! Living with you was one of the best years!! You guys look like such a cute happy couple!! I will pray for you!! Lets catch up sometime!!! Friend me on Facebook and I can message you my number!! And more details of where I am at. Catch up soon!