Sunday, August 18, 2013

#14: A Little Bit of Babysitting. A Lottle Bit of Fun.

Steve here. It's been another great month. Want proof? See below. :)

Diane loves fun-size ice cream. With eggs.

 We went mini golfing with our good friends Mike and Hailey.
Mike starts his new job with my company tomorrow. Sweet!

We also went with Mike and Hailey to New York. Juuuuuust kidding, it was actually Paris. 

Days of '47 parade floats with Dan and Cassie.

We're cute.

We took my parents' station wagon to the Days of '47 Rodeo downtown.

Diane's brother Ben and his wife Sarah went to Hawaii.
We kept their four kids for a week, and we had a great time.
Here I am "uncling" like a boss.

When we went bowling, our favorite 3-year old loved to carry her own ball.

Of course, we played some Jenga.

Nap time....for Diane, anyway. :)

You ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"?

The 3-year old liked to hang out in unusual places. Like here.

And here.

We had a good time monkeyin'-around at a local playground.

"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!!!"

We went to the "Discovery Gateway" museum in Salt Lake City with the kids and some of their cousins. They liked pretending to work as helicopter pilots. Sometimes I like pretending to work as an accountant.

Hurricane simulator: 5 out of 6 kids loved it. 1 was terrified. Hey, you can't please everybody.

I was the designated "pink shadies" carrier. I think they bring out the color in my cheeks.

We played toys almost every day. Here, Hawkman was finally reunited with his long lost My Little Pony.

When Ben and Sarah got back from Hawaii, they brought me a gag-gift ("handerpants").
Blogging has never felt so good.

Playing Blokus with our good friends Tom and Laura. And yes, Tom is always this happy.

Hiking with some of my scouts. They totally rock.

We went to a wedding dinner with my older sister Amy. 
She hasn't trained herself yet to look at the camera, rather than the screen, on the iPhone.
But I still totally love her.

After totally biffing it on the treadmill last month in my attempt to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes, I finally got my revenge. Take that, you mean ole' treadmill!

Duck Dynasty Season 3 came in the mail! That's what I'm talkin' about, Jack!

We went to "Parade of Homes" with Diane's sister-in-law Liz and her little bro Dan.
This particular house had an amazing view of the mountains.

Dinner last night at The Cheesecake Factory with Liz, Dan, and their parents, Ron and Jane. 
Oh, and those people on the other side of the window. See ya next time!

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  1. I'm so glad you document Steve.. especially when I haven't seen my beautiful friend Diane in so long..this makes me feel like we're keeping in touch. I'm terrible, I just need to pick up my phone & call.. Tell her I said hi, yeah? :) Looks like you're having a blast, like always! Have a good one :)